From: DVA
Date: Thu 4/05/2017 1:16 PM

Increased reimbursement for medical expenses

Minister for Veteransí Affairs Dan Tehan today said veterans could now claim up to $1,000 reimbursement for medical expenses when they have applied to the Veteransí Review Board (VRB) or the Specialist Medical Review Council (SMRC) review process.

Mr Tehan said the reimbursement amount had been increased from $467.50 to $1,000 for each medical condition to encourage the early submission of medical evidence.

"This measure fulfils another election commitment and will encourage veterans applying for a review at the VRB to get any necessary medical evidence as soon as possible to help speed up the review process," Mr Tehan said.

"Increasing the amount that can be reimbursed will ensure those applying to the VRB are appropriately remunerated for any relevant out-of-pocket medical expenses incurred as a result of obtaining evidence for VRB hearings."

"The Government is committed to supporting the veteran community and their families, and this new measure further demonstrates work to strengthen this support."

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