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Date: Mon 25/04/2016 3:31 PM

Australian and New Zealand Defence Forces personnel commemorate Anzac Day on operations

One hundred years after the first Anzac Day service, more than 400 Australian and Zealand Defence Force personnel deployed on operations at the Taji Military Complex have paused to remember the fallen during a combined service in Iraq.

Like the commemorations in Taji, Australian Defence Force personnel have attended Anzac Day services on all major operations in the Middle East Region and at historic sites throughout Europe.

The Chief of the Defence Force, Air Chief Marshal Mark Binskin attended Anzac Day commemorations alongside his New Zealand counterpart Lieutenant General Tim Keating at the Wellington Arch in London’s Hyde Park.

Air Chief Marshal Binskin told the Dawn Service the current generation carried the Anzac legacy with revered respect and dignity.

“The courage, endurance and mateship forged by the ANZACs is carried by the men and women who serve Australia on operations today.

“They aspire to uphold its ideals and they promise to honour the memory of all those who fought to secure our freedom.”

Around 2,500 Australian Defence Force personnel are currently deployed on active duty around the world.

“We are part of the international effort to combat the Daesh terrorist threat in Iraq and Syria; we continue to work with our NATO partners to train, advise and assist the Afghan security forces and we are making a valuable contribution to a range of security, peacekeeping and humanitarian missions across the globe.

“In the words of one of our original ANZACs, Private Roy Howard Denning, give me Australians as comrades and I will go anywhere duty calls,” Air Chief Marshal Binskin said

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