Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

From: Commonwealth Flag Officer

To: All Flag Marshals: Action Australia-wide
Sent: Thu 22/10/2015 2:57 PM

United Nations Day

24 October 2015

United Nations Day is observed in Australia on 24 October each year to commemorate the coming into force of the United Nations Charter in 1945. This year marks the 70th Anniversary of the United Nations with events occurring in Australia and overseas.

Information about celebrations around the world is available on the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website at

Where there are two or more flagpoles of equal height available, the United Nations Flag should be flown together with the Australian National Flag all day on Saturday 24 October 2015 from all buildings and establishments occupied by Australian Government departments and affiliated agencies.

The United Nations Flag should not displace the Australian National Flag. If there is only one flagpole available, or there is one flagpole higher than others, or a United Nations Flag is not available, normal arrangements for flying the Australian National Flag apply.

If two flagpoles of equal height are available, the Australian National Flag should be flown in the pre-eminent position with the United Nations Flag on the second flagpole for the day. The United Nations Flag should be of the same size as the Australian National Flag.

The financial and staffing implications arising from weekend flag marshal duties are the responsibility of each organisation.

Your assistance is appreciated.

Commonwealth Flag Officer

22 October 2015