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Australian Defence Force to prepare troops for Iraq mission

The Australian Defence Force is commencing preparations to contribute to the Building Partner Capacity (BPC) mission in Iraq.

Around 300 troops drawn primarily from Brisbane’s 7th Brigade will undertake training and preparation over the coming weeks to be ready for potential deployment in May.

These Army members will form Task Group Taji that will comprise a training team with command, force protection and support elements and include infantry, cavalry, logistic, communication and medical personnel.

Task Group Taji will contribute to the next phase of the Coalition’s strategy to disrupt, degrade and ultimately defeat Daesh and will work closely with personnel from New Zealand and the United States on the BPC mission.

Having arrested Daesh’s advance, the Iraqi Security Forces now require support to build their capacity to reclaim and hold their territory. The BPC mission is designed to generate capable and effective forces with the capacity to conduct independent combat operations against Daesh.

Our BPC mission will focus on improving the capabilities of selected Iraqi units to conduct the counter offensive against Daesh. Specific training will cover core operational skills including planning and conducting operations, basic manoeuvre and integration of intelligence into operations. It will focus on building the capacity of the Iraqi Security Forces to not only take territory, but to effectively hold it.

The Australian Defence Force is well versed in the demands of such a mission, having recently made vital contributions to the Afghan National Army’s transition to independence.

Media note:
Further information on the Australian Army’s 7th Brigade can be found at the following link:

Task Group Taji personnel are not available for interview at this time as they focus on preparation.

Defence will provide advice of any media opportunities prior to deployment as details are confirmed.

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