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Recognition of Service on Operation DAMASK VI

The Defence Honours and Awards Appeals Tribunal has provided the report of their inquiry into the recognition of service by HMAS Canberra on Operation DAMASK VI in the Middle East in 1992 and 1993.

The inquiry focused on the appeals by two former members of HMAS Canberra, who sought permission to receive both the Australian Active Service Medal and Australian Service Medal to denote their involvement in both the warlike and non-warlike periods of their deployment.

The Tribunal has upheld the appeals and recommended that all members of the crew of HMAS Canberra who served on Operation DAMASK VI also be recommended for the award of both medals.

The Government has accepted this recommendation.

Any member of the ship’s complement who does not hold the Australian Active Service Medal with Clasp ‘KUWAIT’ and the Australian Service Medal with Clasp ‘KUWAIT’ will now be entitled to apply for those awards.

Individuals may require different action to achieve this entitlement, so applications are required for assessment and issue of any outstanding awards.

Application forms are available on the Defence Honours and Awards website at:

Applications should be notated with ‘Operation DAMASK VI’ to ensure prompt attention.

For more information, telephone enquiries may be made to the toll-free number: 1800 111 321

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