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In and Out Fitness Org

"The In and Out Fitness program was created through my own trials and tribulations after I was diagnosed with PTSD, depression, anxiety, and alcohol abuse four years after leaving the ADF. I took a PTSD course and have had extensive counseling with V.V.C.S., psychologists, and still see a psychiatrist regularly. Throughout this experience I strongly felt that there was a need for a program that related to the younger generation of soldiers, sailors, and Airmen and women in a healthier environment rather than utilizing drinking holes. I also realised the insanity of being indoctrinated to the point where you would kill another human being but not provide a transition process for soldiers to return back to civilian life. I believe this a major contributing factor to why we struggle with this transition. One moment we are told how to walk (which is now marching), how talk (whether that is in Ratel, cadence, or learning a new lingo) what we can and can not say, when we can talk and when we canít, where to be at what time, how to address rank, and to never question an order. Next moment we have to internalise all these disciplines and everything we say is questioned and judged. We are taught to believe we are "self-disciplined", we find out quickly when becoming civilians that we are actually "externally-disciplined" by a higher rank, and a lot of us find it difficult to manage our day to day lives and feel happy with the person we are now trying to become.

The In and Out Fitness Program is the first transition program for defence members of its kind. It is broken up into 2 simplistic categories "Physical Health" and "Lifestyle Management" in a goal orientated way. I would like to think of it as a de-escalation method for PTSD, anxiety, depression, and alcohol abuse before these symptoms occur by allowing you to measure your stress levels and by using the correct professional means to help you make simplistic changes for a more manageable life. I do not profess that this is for everybody, because in my own experience I have found that each individual has to find out what methods are out there that relates to them more.

It will serve its purpose in an environment that most people in the younger generation utilise throughout gyms Australia wide. It also offers the chance for us to create sporting teams together for socialising such as touch footy, Aus-tag, basketball, netball, soccer, etc. It is a program that correlates mental health and physical health in unity and has the intention to achieve goals for the mind, body, and soul. All personal trainers monitoring the program are ex-ADF members so they understand the dynamics of each memberís sensitivities, as they have been through the same transition.

There will be no HARDEN UP methods utilised in this program as we want everyone to enjoy their training. You will be presented a profile of goals and achievements to continue the pride that you had or still have when you were in the army, or if you are still serving, but we instill a new type of pride in your family relationships and friendships by having the professional links to counseling if you want it in order to give you the tools to communicate on an effective level. It is about making small, simplistic changes week by week to create a less stressful and overwhelming life. It is for current servicemen and women, ex-serving servicemen and women, and spouses.

It is the only program where you are presented with six different goal categories of physical fitness ranging from "Rehab and Salad Dodgers" (Very Unfit) to "Life is too short to be small" (Extremely Fit) and holds you accountable to reach your desired goals. It even has a "Chicks dig it" training program for those of you that just want to look good in a tight T-shirt before you go out on a Friday night. On top of the six categories of individual fitness it offers group training and spouse and partner training who may find this option more therapeutic then doing "couples counseling" which can prove to be more confronting and stressful for some people. If you do not relate to any mental health issues you have the option to only adopt the physical health category, however it is there for you to monitor and be in control of your stress levels and if you do feel like you want to talk to a professional we are there to provide you with the correct means.

It recognizes that the current programs implemented served a purpose for mainly the older veterans over fifty-five years of age and we want to serve a purpose for those in the younger years as well.

As mentioned above we haven't put the programs in full launch as of yet, as we are currently monitoring a small group of young veterans and making improvements. We want to have the upmost confidence that this will relate to a large group, and hope to make what ever alterations needed as soon as possible so we can finally extend this to as many veterans as possible."

The current programs running are the TTP (Training/Talking Partner) where a veteran registers his name to find himself a gym buddy to train with and talk to. As we know it doesn't take us long to start missing the ADF and the people we meet. This has been found to really successful in helping out with isolation issues and holding the veteran accountable for getting to the gym and working on his/her physical attributes helping with self-esteem issues. We also do Personal Training licensing for dirt cheap, and present the opportunity to work for us after receiving Cert 3 and Cert 4 in Personal training.

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