From: Defence Media Centre

Support for deployed ADF members for Christmas 2012

Defence welcomes all expressions of public support for Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel deployed on overseas operations in the lead up to Christmas.

Christmas is an important time for many members of the Australian community. This is especially the case for those ADF and Australian Government agency personnel deployed around the world, and away from their family and friends. There are a number of ways you can express your support.

Messages to the troops
You can express support by sending a message to the troops at

RSL Australian Forces Overseas Fund
The RSL Australian Forces Overseas Fund (AFOF) provides packages, twice yearly, to Australian Defence Force and Australian Federal Police personnel serving overseas.

The RSL packages contain various items to remind personnel of home, include ANZAC biscuits, glucose confectionery, salted peanuts, dried fruit, muesli bars, cake, lollies, a selection of RSL newsletters, a letter of appreciation on behalf of all Australians, RSL State Branch contact details and membership contact details.

Monetary donations will ensure the continuance of the Fundís activities. Donations can be made through the RSL website, details available at

The ADF is grateful to the RSL AFOF for its contribution to the welfare of serving personnel on behalf of our grateful Nation.

Christmas cards
Your support for our troops can be expressed through a Christmas card which can be sent through the Australian Forces Post Office.

Care packages
Defence has established special post office box addresses for care packages to the troops. The post office box addresses will be open from 22 October 2012 until 7 December 2012. For further details about the procedures, visit the Christmas Australian Forces Post Office service page.