From: Defence Media Centre
Date: 25 January 2012

Snowy Australia Day for troops in Afghanistan

While many Australians celebrate Australia Day at the beach or with family and friends, Australian Defence Force members in Afghanistan will be celebrating under a blanket of snow.

Up to 20cm of snow has covered the mountains near Multi National Base Tarin Kot, also leaving a thick layer of snow on armoured vehicles and over the base.

While snow is common on the mountains around Tarin Kot, it is unusual for snow to fall in the town and Coalition Headquarters.

Snow has also fallen in Kabul, where Australian Defence Force personnel are planning to celebrate Australia Day with an Aussie-style barbecue breakfast.

With temperatures in Afghanistan expected to drop below minus 8 degrees celsius overnight, even heavier snow is expected in the coming days.

ADF members across Afghanistan and around the world will pause from their duties to commemorate Australia’s national day.

ADF personnel serving in East Timor and the Middle East have sent video messages wishing everyone back home an enjoyable day.

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