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Sent: Wed 14/03/2012 1:56 PM

For widest dissemination please.

Jet Fuel exposure syndrome (JFES) Study

Thank you for your interest and support of the JFES Study. I have attached an info sheet which gives a basic outline of the study. This can also be found on the Defence internet.

The Study is specifically aimed at F-111 Deseal/Reseal workers, and not necessarily jet fuel on its own. We are investigating the broad range of chemicals and agents that were used during the recognised Deseal/Reseal programs. The Study is a result of the Parliamentary Inquiry in 2009 that reviewed issues related to F-111 Deseal/Reseal workers and their families.

If you have any members who are interested in participating, please have them contact the Defence Service Centre on 1800 333 362 (1800 DEFENCE) and ask to be registered for the JFES Study. The Service Centre will then register their details and send them out an info pack.


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