From: Egan, Craig WO1
Sent: Wednesday, 12 September 2012 8:05 PM

Donation page for SPR Curt McGrath Wounded Sapper

Please see below details from CO 6 ESR re a donation opportunity to benefit SPR Curt McGrath (6 ESR detached to 2 CER for MTF-5), wounded recently on operations.

the above link is for the Deployed Soldiers Welfare Association (DSWA) website based fund raising effort for SPR Curt 'Kiwi' McGrath from 6 ESR. Curt was detached to 2 CER and deployed on MTF-5 with the Engr Sqn. He lived through an IED blast, largely thanks to the quick actions of his section mates and an outstanding casevac, but has suffered the loss of both his legs.

He's currently in Royal Brisbane Hospital where he is recovering remarkably well. Curt knows that the recovery road is a long one though, but he remains focussed and incredibly positive. I've been fortunate enough to spend a good deal of time with Curt since he's come home. He's an inspiring bloke to say the least.

Many of you have had involvement with supporting our soldiers who have suffered significant injuries on operations, so you'd know that it is very pleasing to see that the Army and the whole Defence community provides substantial support to these soldiers and their families. You'd also know though that there are always some needs that arise that can be costly and are not covered by 'system' financial support. These needs may crop up within weeks or even multiple months after the event. With that in mind we have commenced this fund raising effort for SPR McGrath and his family with the support of the DSWA.

...The website attached has also started attracting donations from the general public...


Craig Egan

Warrant Officer Class One
Corps Sergeant Major
Royal Australian Engineers