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A message from RAR ASSOCIATION


As you know there is a Campaign being conducted on the behalf of past, present & future defence force personnal to have the methodology of adjusting their pensions , Super, Disability by a fairer method of Indexation. Currently the Goverment use CPI which is basically wrong!

To assist them and to help streamline the various organisation and assoicatoins assisting in this matter could you please visit the following site and indicate if you would prefered to opted in or out, in other words "subscribe" too.

The benefits of selecting to subscribe are:

No Cost A single point of contact for passage of information on this matter Allows the Campaign Directors to have a more credible data base when presenting facts to the government for change Instant information & updates as they are generated Removal of the middle man and duplication of emails from Associations At anytime you can opt out - You control the flow of information to your desk top You are able to on forward to your own networks You don't have to be in receipt of a pension You don't have to be in the Defence Force If you are commonwealth public servant this is also being fought on your behalf

I would further ask you to on forward this email to as many Families, Friends, Mates, Cobbers and anyone within your networks, and if you think it would help insert into face book accounts, and or twitter. There is a need for holistic community support, these methods are the only ,"No cost" Methods available to us, that is relying on the good nature and spirit of our mates to get the message out.

The end game is to make the wider public community aware of the unfair & injustice's in the method of Indexation used to determine Defence and Commonwealth Public Servants Pensions Adjustments Bi Annually.

I appreciate there are a number of sites available in relation to this matter, however by consolidating all recipients into one site will help improve the delievery of information, plus as mentioned make a more credible data base for the Campaign Directors when presenting matters to goverment, which is truely a NUMBERS GAME.

As always your assistance is greatly appreciated and I hope you all see the logic in this message.




Greg Decker
RAR Association (Qld)
"Keeping The Spirit Alive"