From: Jacqui Durrant []
Sent: Thursday, 11 August 2011 11:47 AM

Dear Peacekeepers,

I am a historian with a PhD in Australian cultural history, from La Trobe University (2005).

I aim to write a book about peacekeepers in the 1990s. This will be a long project. It is also a private project with no financial backing, but I believe that it needs to be done to increase recognition of our peacekeepers and their tremendous efforts. With no affiliations to any academic or other institution, I have no agenda to push, other than to represent the experiences of peacekeepers.

My approach is to get people to talk about their experiences in terms of what is important to them; from the most inspiring and happy times, through to the mundane, and the reality of the 'difficult stuff'; to capture the diversity of individual experiences and voices. I also want to give readers a sense of what it was like 'in the field', and how people reflect on what they have experienced.

I am looking for people to interview who served in Somalia; the first deployments to Timor (2RAR, 3RAR); and Bougainville.

It would be an honour to interview anyone who is willing to help.

I am based in Beechworth, NE Victoria, but am able to do some travel.

Many thanks,

Jacqui Durrant