Royal Australian Air Force News Feed
06 Jul 2011 08:33 PM

Launch of the Defence Alumni Network

The Defence Alumni Network went live on the 4th July through a despatch of 15,000 direct emails inviting Reserves to join the site and, within two days, well over 1000 people have taken up the offer.

Project Manager CAPT Harry Lok said the new Defence Alumni Network or DAN will provide great opportunities for both Defence and Ex-service personnel.

“For the first time, ex-service members will have access to their own alumni network that enables them to keep in contact with mates who have also left the Navy, Army and Air Force,” he said.

The website will enable members to share photos and stories, keep abreast of current Defence events and of the latest opportunities within Defence.

The website also provides Defence with the opportunity to keep in touch with its alumni and re-engage with people who may want to rejoin the Service.

“We know there comes a time for most personnel where they will explore careers outside of the ADF.

“What we would like to do is to maintain links with them so that when they have tried something new, gained additional skill sets, and are looking for their next opportunity Defence is front and centre in their minds,” CAPT Lok said.

The DAN is currently available to all ex-permanent Navy, Army and Air Force personnel.

The Defence Alumni Network can be accessed via the internet at after completing a verification purposes. Access is granted online and members can start utilising the DAN straight away.