From: Merv Letts [mailto:]
Sent: Sunday, 21 August 2011 12:11 AM

Dear President Allan and Secretary Paul,

I would be grateful if you could appraise your Australian Peacekeeper membership and Peacemaker Veteran's Association, of a book I have just published entitled “Sinai Surgeon.” It is an historical narrative of the Sinai, the UNEF, the 115 Air Transport Unit, the run-up to the Six Day War and the adventures of a military medical officer trying to ensure the health of a military force of Canadian Peacekeepers in a hostile desert environment.

The book is high quality with laminated soft cover, perfect sewn binding, 580 pages and profusely illustrated with color photos. It’s web site has more info at:

I would be appreciative if you brought it to the attention of Veterans in your Command who may wish to purchase a copy, the proceeds of which are being donated for the Rotary/Gates program for the eradication of polio in the world.

Yours in Peace,

Merv Letts
F/L (Ret) Medical Officer
115 Air Transport Unit