From: Jacques Labrecque []
Sent: Wednesday, 3 August 2011 11:07 AM
Cc: Laurent Attar-Bayrou

Comments about SPIA

Dear Mr. Griffis,

I want to present myself to you and give you my comments about the documents that Mr. Attar-Bayrou has sent to your organisation. First of all, I was in Geneva May the 30th at the Soldiers of Peace's Day in the Palace of the United Nations as an observer, and also the only Canadian. I am member of the Reserve as Major and have worked mostly for the Regional Cadet Support Unit (Eastern Region), that's why I am not a member of your organisation. I am President of a little association named Canadian Circle of International Medallists, who regroup members of military orders, members of Canadian Forces, policemen and members of the St.John Ambulance, etc. I was invited at this meeting by the president of the SPIA , and I was very impressed by the organisation of the meeting, the friendship of the SPIA or FNAME members. As a Canadian, we have the chance to be able to communicate in the two official langages of the UN (french and english). I appreciated also the manner that Mr. Attar-Bayrou lead that meeting and the organisation of the day. The day after, we participated in another meeting in Lyon France at the head office of the SPIA. The presidents of SPIA of many countries (mostly in Europe) were in attendance. I was very surprised by this head office, the services they give to their members (books, pamphlets, meetings in many parts of Europe, assistance to funeral ceremonies, Quarter Master of many military items like medals, etc).
As a military person, it was very pleasant to discuss with all theses persons dedicaded really to the cause of the Peace in the World. The discussions and presentations around the table with theses presidents and the projects for the members of UN peace missions around the World was very interesting . As an observer, I think an organisation like yours might have many advantages to work with the SPIA for theirs projects. Many of our comrades in this organisation like Paul Copeland (Oceania/Australia), Yuri Donskoy (Ukraine) work very hard with Mr. Attar-Bayrou to produce reports and recommendations for the UN headquarters in New-York. You have received a copy of their works and recomendations and at my points of view, it is an important report for the advancement for the UN Peace Soldiers of the World. I hope sincerely that one day a Canadian organisation will work with the SPIA officialy, and your organisation is the most important in this matter among the others in Canada.

Best wishes,
Jacques Labrecque